Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Germ, The Bran and the Endosperm

The Germ and the Bran and the Endosperm
Studied Science 'til the end of the Term
Said Bran to Germ and Germ to Bran
Let's make some Healthy People if we can
Said Endosperm in a quivering Voice
It ain't no use, cause the people have choice
All those greasy foods clogging up their Tract
Taste so very yummy, and that's a Fact!

The Dead Dog

He sat there by the roadside, crying
Is there none to care for me?
Lame and Blind, forsaken
Unknown Humanity

The People all around him
Mocked, stared and ignored
For they were much too busy
Their time to him afford!

Someone else will help him
They said within their Heart
And so they hurried onward
A brand new day to start.

So there, he sat alone
As one, no one could see
No one could even hear him
Invisible was he.


What will you do when trouble comes
When man stands in your way?
What will you do?
How will you react
Will these things cause you to sway?

Will you stand firm on the Word of God
Believing by faith in His Voice?
Choosing to live by His Guidance?
That's really your only Choice !

The Tea

The Tea was boiling in the pot...I added sugar
The Tea kept boiling , hotter and hotter, so...I added more sugar
And as I watched...the Tea boiled over and spilled all over the stove
Yet, I added sugar, more Tea and more water
I waited and waited to drink this sweet Tea
But it was never ready !
It kept asking me to add more sugar
So, I did
I had no chance to drink this sweet Tea
It kept requiring me to ward off the bitterness of the Tea, by
    adding more and more sugar
I came to the end of the day...
And I realized that I didn't need the Tea , anymore !