Monday, May 25, 2015

Bless ME Lord (2008)

Bless Me
Bless Me
Bless Me, Lord
Can I have a brand new Ford
Lexus, Chevrolet is fine
BMW, Lamborgine
I deserve it, Don't you see
Giving 10% sets me free
I give Honor to my Pastor
Always doing all they ask for
Everytime the doors are open
There I am doing all they're hopin'
I do good to every neighbour
Winning each and every favor
All at church say I'm so good
Doing all the good I could!
And in your Books, Lord I am Top
Never, never will I stop
And besides all this, Dear Lord
Seated next to You will be my Reward!

(Probably written after being annoyed at prosperty preaching)

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