Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Germ, The Bran and the Endosperm

The Germ and the Bran and the Endosperm
Studied Science 'til the end of the Term
Said Bran to Germ and Germ to Bran
Let's make some Healthy People if we can
Said Endosperm in a quivering Voice
It ain't no use, cause the people have choice
All those greasy foods clogging up their Tract
Taste so very yummy, and that's a Fact!

The Dead Dog

He sat there by the roadside, crying
Is there none to care for me?
Lame and Blind, forsaken
Unknown Humanity

The People all around him
Mocked, stared and ignored
For they were much too busy
Their time to him afford!

Someone else will help him
They said within their Heart
And so they hurried onward
A brand new day to start.

So there, he sat alone
As one, no one could see
No one could even hear him
Invisible was he.


What will you do when trouble comes
When man stands in your way?
What will you do?
How will you react
Will these things cause you to sway?

Will you stand firm on the Word of God
Believing by faith in His Voice?
Choosing to live by His Guidance?
That's really your only Choice !

The Tea

The Tea was boiling in the pot...I added sugar
The Tea kept boiling , hotter and hotter, so...I added more sugar
And as I watched...the Tea boiled over and spilled all over the stove
Yet, I added sugar, more Tea and more water
I waited and waited to drink this sweet Tea
But it was never ready !
It kept asking me to add more sugar
So, I did
I had no chance to drink this sweet Tea
It kept requiring me to ward off the bitterness of the Tea, by
    adding more and more sugar
I came to the end of the day...
And I realized that I didn't need the Tea , anymore !

Friday, June 19, 2015

Who is this Child? (7/30/09)

Who is this child
This Wonderful One
Who shall be born
As God's own Son

Immanuel, The Prince of Peace
Messiah, Saviour
Who shall not cease

Eternal Father
Mighty God
Soon coming Judge
Bearing His rod

He came as Bread
He came as Wine
So that with Him
We soon shall dine

He gave His life
So all can Live
He rose again
Us to forgive

He is the Father
He is the Son
He is the Spirit
These three are One

Who is this Child
Who to Earth came
This Child  is Jesus
That is His Name

"There is none other Name by which men shall be saved"

Why should I give up ? (8/30/09)

Why should I give up
that which I gained
Long, long ago, when new
life on me reigned?

Why should I give in
to Earth's deadly lure
After Heaven poured down
My Spiritual cure?

Satan's defeated
His end's drawing near
Jesus comes quickly
No more Sorrow or Tear!

The Housewife's Sabbath (8/27/2008)

She cooks, she cleans
from morn' til night
with ne'r a break
nor one in sight

The snotty noses
she does wipe
 The muddy boots
with rag does swipe

Groceries to buy

and clothes to mend
Doctor's visits and
school to send

From Mon' til Mon'
her works not done
Oh Sabbath, Sabbath
Give me One!!

written after listening to Michael Easley talk about the Sabbath...and me getting more upset by the minute !!!  very godly, eh?

Cast me not away (May 2008)

Cast me not away from
your Presence Oh Lord
Take not your Holy Spirit from Me !

I am a dried up Fig
good for nothing
useless, unneeded

Where can I go
for Sustenance
but to You Lord

I have no more Strength
but Your strength

My World is Shattered...
Again !

Desires (March 30, 1986)

Oh Lord, I long to share your truth
To spread the Word around
I long to teach what I have learned
The new things I have found

I long to be within the Walls
Where Holy Saints do meet
Upon the Day The Lord arose
To celebrate that feat

There's more desires deep inside
That bubble and that churn
Desires that you care about
To you then I must turn

The only need that we must have
Is Jesus Christ alone
For He alone can satisfy
His Love for us He's shown

So then with all my deep desires
I come to You my Lord
And place them at your calloused feet
For You are my reward!

The Change (April 4, 1986)

Shut are my eyes to the Truth
Despondency, Apathy, depression

Light? Where is the Light?
Over there, there it is
Now I see it
It's so dim, but
It's there

Walk toward it
Run, now I am running
The Light gets brighter
My eyes are adjusting
My eyes
are opening

Gone is the despondency
No room for Apathy, Depression
Smiles, Smiles shall return
Joy manifesting itself
on Lips curving pleasingly

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Gift (Jan 12 , 1985)

Romance is cheap, it's stupid
Believing in Ol' Cupid
And running after all the guys
Til' everyone you do despise
True love is pure and meaningful
A priceless pearl and clean as wool
A precious gift sent from the Lord
That no man's money can afford
I thank you Lord, for this sweet love
That you have sent from up above
To share it with one here below
One whom I better long to know
Please help us evermore to strive
To keep our love to You alive
For when we make You #1
Our joy's complete, our union fun.

(notice the date!! I had just met my future husband a few months before)

A Brand New Year ( Jan 1, 1985)

A brand new year
 A brand new start
To follow Thee
With all my heart

New strength You'll give
For each new day
Lord help me cling
To Thee alway'

I give You all
This very hour
Oh, take me, use me
Filled with Your pow'r

I love You Jesus
Saviour and Friend
A brand new love
To Thee I'll rend

In Everything (1984)

In everything my life should be
Attracting others to the Christ in me
Consulting Jesus thru the day
Keeping my feet on the narrow Way

No Matter (July 14 , 1984 while in Hungary)

No matter how small a matter
No matter how large the care
We're told we can cast it on Jesus
Cause Jesus will always be there

No matter how heave the burden
No matter how light the load
We're told that in Joy or in Sorrow
He'll carry us along that road

We knew that the way is not easy
We sat down and counted the cost
But, Praise God, our lives we can give Him
This Jesus who died for the lost

I in You and You in Me (June 26, 1984)

You are my delight Dear Lord
No earthly Joy can afford
The one Accord
I have
in You

Lifting up my voice to You
To worship, praise, adore anew
These times are much too few
I have
in You

Let me fall in love again
But then from sin I must refrain
Allowing you to freely reign
I am
in You

You are
in me.

Bless ME Lord (2008)

Bless Me
Bless Me
Bless Me, Lord
Can I have a brand new Ford
Lexus, Chevrolet is fine
BMW, Lamborgine
I deserve it, Don't you see
Giving 10% sets me free
I give Honor to my Pastor
Always doing all they ask for
Everytime the doors are open
There I am doing all they're hopin'
I do good to every neighbour
Winning each and every favor
All at church say I'm so good
Doing all the good I could!
And in your Books, Lord I am Top
Never, never will I stop
And besides all this, Dear Lord
Seated next to You will be my Reward!

(Probably written after being annoyed at prosperty preaching)

Today Mom Died

Poem: Today Mom Died

Today ... She died
This friend of mine
This dearest lady
To me , Divine

And with her, too
The cups of tea
The late night chats
From one to three
The phone calls from
So far away
The car drives on
A summer day
The peaceful rocking
Of two chairs
As side by side
So free from cares
Your sweet, sweet smile
forever gone
To other realms
You now belong

Where are you mother
Oh, yes, I know
To Jesus, Mom
You now must go
But someday soon
I'll see you there
Where is no sorrow
Nor tears to bare!

Enduring Joy

poem: Enduring Joy

The fig trees didn't bloom this year
The grape vines bore no fruit
The labor of the olives failed
The seed crops did not root

No bleating of the sheep is heard
No baby lambs were born
The cattle stalls are empty
The manger looks forlorn

Yet, still, my Father I rejoice
In Thee, my special Friend
For this I know, my Joy in You
Will go on without end

The Lord my God shall be my strength
He gives me energy
To walk the heights and run the race
His Truth sets me free
Habakkuk 3:17-19

It's hard Lord

poem: It's hard, Lord

At times it seems we travel on
A road that's much too rough
At times it seems the way too steep
The path too hard and tough

And more than that there's hail and wind
There's sleet and rain and snow
How can we stand against the gail
When tempests start to blow?

Then we must look to Jesus
And read His Word each day
So He can help us understand
Just why it is this way.

Oft' times we need the discipline
God's loving hand imparts
To set us on the path of life
We followed at the start

There's other times He wants to teach
Us patience, love, and care
So, when there's someone else in need
His comfort we can share


poem: JOY

In your presence, Lord I find
Happiness, joy, peace of mind
Following the way you lead
Help me, Father, this I plead
Not my will, but thine be done
Glorifying your dear Son

Camping in your ray of light
Ever brings me sheer delight
When the road gets rough I know
Special grace He will bestow
Planted in this heart of mine
Is joy, that makes me feel just fine

His Handiwork

poem: His Handiwork

The stars in the Heavens
shine forth in the Night
They're part of creation
twinkling clear and bright

I love to behold them
Each night 'fore I sleep
And think about Jesus
Whose Love we shall Keep

God sure is creative
in His imaginative way
He knew what we needed
By His side we shall stay

He loves this His handiwork
The world he has made
But, He loves us His people
And for our sins has paid


poem: Triumph

Deep inside a storm is raging
Threatening some evil gusts
Of doubt , despair and painful anguish
Floods of raw deceiving lies.

Get back, you liars of darkness
Spirits of the awful deep
You have no right, No claim upon me
I shall not your temple be.

Christ the Lord has fought the battle
"It is Finished" were His words
when on the cross He hung and suffered
Bearing all my misery.

Hope arises deep within me
Glimpsing in Jesus the ray of light
To guide me safely out of darkness
Out of the storm and out of the night



I forget that life is short
I forget that people are more important than things
I forget that God is my Father and has promised to supply my every need
I forget that my neighbours and friends still are not saved.

Help me oh, Lord to remember eternity
Help me oh, Lord to relax and trust you.
Forgive me Lord, for my many failures.
I do love you, Jesus!

Seek ye the Lord (Easter poem)

Poem: Seek ye the Lord? (Easter)

Whom do you seek?
Why are you here?
The tomb now stands empty
But you stand in fear.

Yea, sir we seek Him
Who lay mid the wraps
We came to bring spices
See here in our laps?

But, sir He's been stolen
They took Him away
Do you know His whereabouts?
They took Him today!

Mary, Dear Mary
See here, it is I!
Oh, Master Rabboni
You're alive, yet did die.

Today many seek Him
But many give up
We must seek 'til we find Him
Let Him fill our cup.

Jesus said, " I am the Resurrection and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by ME!"

Christ is for All (Easter poem)

Poem: Christ is for all (Easter)

The day that Jesus died for me,
I could have cried-for on that tree
He hung ands bled in agony
To save us all from Satan's Hell,
So we could ring the living bell of Joy.

Now when I die, I'll go to heaven
To live eternally on high,
In God's great mansion, made of gold
But when that is I am not told.
Twill be such joy to see Him there,
So all His glory we can share.

Christ didn't die for only me,
He died so all His glory could see.
Confess your sins to God above
And He shall give you Peace and Love.
He'll never leave you nor forsake
So, pray and confess your big mistake

I'll never leave You

Poem: I'll never leave you

I'm happy, Lord-
We're having good times
I'm on top of the world-
everything fine
Everyone speaks well of me
I'm a great Christian
I've got wisdom and knowledge
they respect me , Lord
I'm bright and joyful-
they think I'm perfect
Got it made, they say
about me!

I'm sad, Lord-
no one calls
I've been down-
I need a friend
I don't have it together
kind of messed up
Now, I'm not useful
not perfect anymore
They thought I had wisdom-
now I need a wise friend
Cuz, I'm down, Lord-
it's true, but...
Are you still here with me?

"I have promised to never leave you or forsake you!""cross my heart"

My Commitment (written at David's gr 8 football game )

My Commitment (poem)

Why should I give up that which I gained?
Long, long ago when new life on me rained
Why should I give in to earth's deadly lure?
After heaven poured down my spiritual cure?
Satan's defeated. His end's drawing near
Jesus comes quickly...no more sorrow or tear

The Babysitter

The Babysitter (poem)

If I had all the time in the world
I would become a Babysitter .
I would take all the homeless,
the poor and the maimed,
the lost and the lonely,
and those who've been shamed
I would shoulder the crying,
the fearful who doubt
that life has been worthwhile
not worth finding out!
I would cover the dying,
and hear their last prayer
and comfort the old
who have no one who cares.
I can't and
I don't
have all the time!
Only our Savior does
He is the Great Babysitter

Life is Short

Life is short
   It's slipping by
More moments lost
    than moments gained
The things I wanted
     where are they?
The things I dreamed
      all fled away
Life is short
     twill soon be gone
Swift flies the night
     twill soon be Dawn

Who is the Church ? (9/19/09)

Who is the Church
Who is the Bride
Who someday sits at Jesus side?

Is it the Ones
Who go to church
Day in day out
And never search
To help the poor
the orphaned ones
The widows maimed
Forgotten sons
Forgotten daughters
of our Lord
For whom He died
And will reward?

Who, tell me Who
Who is the Church?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Forgotten Ones (April 15 1984)

The Wind howls
The dust flies
And from within the hut
A dying Baby cries

Helpless and defenseless
sitting by her side
The Mother's heart aches
Still, she must abide

Is there no one out there, they cry
Who cares about our plight
When day by day we hunger
And live with constant fright

You, who say your Father
Owns much cattle and much sheep
Will you share your riches
And then His blessing reap?

My Family (1984)

I have a family, who loves me so  much
They're all far away now but near in my Heart
I know I shall see them as soon as I can
But Lord let me first do the things in your Plan

Lord, You have called me to serve you right here
Bloom where I'm planted til You reappear
You love me far better than Family or Friends
Lord, let me see that You're holding my Hand

Lord, bless those dear ones across the wide Sea
Lead them and guide them to seek out Your Way
Help them to trust You in darkness or light
Knowing it's You Lord who sees thru the night

Lord You have called them to serve You right there
Bloom where they're planted til You reappear
You love them far better than Family or Friends
Help them to see that You're holding their Hand.

(Written while I was serving in Missions in Germany)

The Gift ( March 26, 1992)

The man came
He came with a gift
He saw the recipient of His Gift

He held out His hands with the Gift
The recipient saw the Gift...and laughed
He gazed at the Gift again....and ridiculed it
Then he looked at the Man...and mocked the Giver
The Man pulled back His hands
He left the recipient to his mockery
He came with the Gift ...to another
This recipient cried with gladness
       "Oh, what a Gift!
         What a wonderful Gift !
          I have been waiting for this Gift !"
The Man was pleased too. The Giver was glad
and the receiver was glad
And so there was Joy.

The Sadness (1992)

It lingers
   It creeps
It settles within
It sits there
I wonder
     What cause this?
          did this sadness come from?
                this start?
Day after day, I ponder
And then
         I see
But what I see
    is not what I want to see
The sadness comes from
Not a separation of physical distance
     a separation
         in spirit !

(written in relation to the difference between my extended family and I)

Who is Jesus ?

It's Christmas time once again
A time of Joy and not of pain
We celebrate, exchange our Gifts
Expect to have some big snowdrifts
We go to Church, this once a year
Set aside all Y2K fear
Bow our knee to Christ the King
"Silent Night" to Him we sing

But do we really understand
The secrets of the Angel band?
How Christ has lived eternally
How He shall come back finally
How Jesus died so we can be
Set free from carnality
Free from sin and Satan's rule
No more his pawn, no more his tool

And yet there's more to comprehend
So to this Christ our knee we'll bend
Repent, be baptized in His' name
You'll never, ever be the same
Receive His Spirit, speak in tongues
Joy will bubble from your lungs
So, Merry Christmas, one and all
May joyful Mem'ries you recall


Friendship is a Treasure, that money cannot buy
An inner strong devotion, unseen by mortal eye
You feel it with your spirit, this closeness between two
A freshness like the Springtime, as pure as Morning Dew

My Aim 1/13/2000

Materialism seems to be
My aim, my Goal for all to see
And yet, my heart is full of death
What kind of Legacy do I bequeth?
I lift my eyes and look on High
In search of values for which to die
To take me from this Poverty
And aim me for Thy Sovereignity