Friday, June 19, 2015

Who is this Child? (7/30/09)

Who is this child
This Wonderful One
Who shall be born
As God's own Son

Immanuel, The Prince of Peace
Messiah, Saviour
Who shall not cease

Eternal Father
Mighty God
Soon coming Judge
Bearing His rod

He came as Bread
He came as Wine
So that with Him
We soon shall dine

He gave His life
So all can Live
He rose again
Us to forgive

He is the Father
He is the Son
He is the Spirit
These three are One

Who is this Child
Who to Earth came
This Child  is Jesus
That is His Name

"There is none other Name by which men shall be saved"

Why should I give up ? (8/30/09)

Why should I give up
that which I gained
Long, long ago, when new
life on me reigned?

Why should I give in
to Earth's deadly lure
After Heaven poured down
My Spiritual cure?

Satan's defeated
His end's drawing near
Jesus comes quickly
No more Sorrow or Tear!

The Housewife's Sabbath (8/27/2008)

She cooks, she cleans
from morn' til night
with ne'r a break
nor one in sight

The snotty noses
she does wipe
 The muddy boots
with rag does swipe

Groceries to buy

and clothes to mend
Doctor's visits and
school to send

From Mon' til Mon'
her works not done
Oh Sabbath, Sabbath
Give me One!!

written after listening to Michael Easley talk about the Sabbath...and me getting more upset by the minute !!!  very godly, eh?

Cast me not away (May 2008)

Cast me not away from
your Presence Oh Lord
Take not your Holy Spirit from Me !

I am a dried up Fig
good for nothing
useless, unneeded

Where can I go
for Sustenance
but to You Lord

I have no more Strength
but Your strength

My World is Shattered...
Again !

Desires (March 30, 1986)

Oh Lord, I long to share your truth
To spread the Word around
I long to teach what I have learned
The new things I have found

I long to be within the Walls
Where Holy Saints do meet
Upon the Day The Lord arose
To celebrate that feat

There's more desires deep inside
That bubble and that churn
Desires that you care about
To you then I must turn

The only need that we must have
Is Jesus Christ alone
For He alone can satisfy
His Love for us He's shown

So then with all my deep desires
I come to You my Lord
And place them at your calloused feet
For You are my reward!

The Change (April 4, 1986)

Shut are my eyes to the Truth
Despondency, Apathy, depression

Light? Where is the Light?
Over there, there it is
Now I see it
It's so dim, but
It's there

Walk toward it
Run, now I am running
The Light gets brighter
My eyes are adjusting
My eyes
are opening

Gone is the despondency
No room for Apathy, Depression
Smiles, Smiles shall return
Joy manifesting itself
on Lips curving pleasingly